Monday, December 10, 2012

Two Leaves Tea Company, Organic White Peony

Two Leaves Tea Company Description:
White tea is made from the young, unopened bud of the tea plant, and handled gently to preserve silvery white hairs on the leaves. We think that you'll sense the care used to harvest this tea in each cuppa' - it's smooth taste is matched by a soft flavor you can drink all day.

Price: $7.95 for 15 sachets. Steep twice for $0.26 per cup.

Part of the Complete Sampler Pack furnished by Two Leaves Tea Company

My Review:
The wrapper on this one is pink. Pink? Secure in my manhood I press on. The biodegradable sachet contains little flakes of leaf. I use to really enjoy white peony from a tea bag. After experiencing the same in loose leaf form I learned there really is no comparison between the two. The bagged white tea is just very two dimensional. It is flat. So, even knowing the Two Leaves sachets have been very good. I am nervous. I sniff the sachet and it is nicely sweet smelling leaf. Relief. The wrapper says to steep for 3 minutes but does not give a water temperature. Most white teas need cooler water than green tea for a proper cup. I heat the water to steaming and turn it off for a few moments then pour.

The sachet did not plump as much as the others in the sample pack have so far, but it’s all good, because this tastes fantastic. It is a little like fresh hay. It is also a combination of melon and cucumber. The aftertaste is lingering and pleasant. The cup smells really good as well. The colder this gets the better I personally like it. The first cup is miles above any white tea in a bag that I have tried. In fact it holds its own against the loose leaf teas. This makes a very good cup of tea. The second cup is weaker, yet still flavorful.

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