Thursday, December 20, 2012

Two Leaves Tea Company, Organic Chamomile

Two Leaves Description:
Delicious little flowers - that's how we think of our Chamomile. Open up a packet and take a whiff. You'll smell a rich apple scent (in Greek, Kamai means apple) with soft honey notes. It's sweet, relaxing and the best chamomile you'll ever have.

Price: $7.95 for 15 sachets. Steep twice for $0.26 per cup.

Part of the Complete Sampler Pack provided by Two Leaves Tea Company

My Review:
Chamomile is a flower in the daisy family so to the purest it is not tea. It is an herbal or tisane. No matter what you call it chamomile has unique taste. I have sampled only a handful of chamomile ‘teas’. Until now, all of them have been blended with other flowers and herbs. The taste is sweet and a bit honey like. It is kind of flowery, duh, because it is a flower. To me it tastes a something like apple and maybe pear mixed. Ok, I wrote that before I read Two Leaves description, so they agree with what I get from tasting this one. Beyond what they say there is the slightly sour and bitter aftertaste. That adds character when it is not overwhelming. I found this particular one to be very enjoyable. I did add sweetener but it really stands up well on its own.

I have been drinking herbals in the evening to avoid caffeine. Chamomile seems to have a relaxing affect. I haven’t researched this to see if there is a scientific reason, or if it is simply because it is just tastes calming. It doesn’t matter as long as it works. This one does the trick for me.

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