Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ahmad Tea, Cardamom

Ahmad Tea Description:
We at Ahmad Tea are proud to present our Cardamon tea, an exquisite choice of selected black tea expertly blended and enhanced with the exotic flavour of cardamon to give a truly delightful cup of tea. A warming and relaxing experience to be enjoyed at any time of day, cardomon tea can be enjoyed with or without milk. For a truly Eastern experience, it can be used to make the infamous Indian “Chai tea” .

Known as the “Queen of Spices”, Cardamon one of the most valued spices in the world. It is one of the oldest Eastern spices and was part of the wonderful eastern delights that were shared with the rest of the world through the Silk Route trades

My Review:
I have seen cardamom listed as an ingredient every now and then in tea but usually with a bunch of other ingredients. It is often listen in chai tea. I really had no idea what it tasted like on its own, so I had no way of knowing if I was tasting it. This bagged tea is simply Ceylon tea and cardamom. I stand a good chance of tasting the cardomom :p I poured a cup of boiling water over the bag and steeped. The brew was nicely black tea dark and aromatic. 

I can taste the Ceylon tea. I always enjoy Ahmad's tea base, though the main flavor is the Cardamom. To me it tastes kind of like ginger and clove got together and had a child and then maybe sprinkled it with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg. It is sweet. It is not exactly perfumey, but in this blend it is a little soapy tasting. I think I like it. I certainly would not turn down a cup but I am not sure I would buy a whole box either. Keep in mind I may occasionally drink chai but I never crave chai tea. This is not chai but is in the same flavor range. I think I could add a little orange zest and it would appeal to me.

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