Thursday, January 24, 2013

Esgreen, Esgreen 2011 Sheng Bing Dao Old Tea Tree

Esgreen Description:
The raw tea cake is specially made of buds of Meng Ku native big-leaf tea tree. All tea buds covered with silver hair.
The floral aroma of this tea cake is really strong, refreshing and full of vitality.
After steeped, you will find the brewed leaves are back to life. Yellowish green in color,  soft and shiny

Sample provided by Esgreen for review.

My Review:
This is a loose leaf sheng puerh. The leaf is long dark chocolate with visible golden tips. That does not seem to agree with Esgreen's description that this is a bing or compressed cake. Hmm. Moving On. I was tempted to use the whole sample but resisted in case I made a mistake and needed to retry later. I used boiling water and a two minute steep. The brew reminds me of a clear white wine. Its scent is like a large burning tree trunk. It is not overwhelming. It is a deep rich scent.

At the front of the sip it is bright like I expect from sheng. Later in the sip this deep rich smoky note fills in the lows in the taste. Delicious and interesting. Bring on cup two!

The second cup is a clear shiny yellow that turns orange in the cup. The smoke has moved into the background. This is now taking on a bright metallic like sheng taste. Others describe this as bitterness and is considered normal for young sheng puerh.

The third cup is amber turning bright orange in the cup. The smoke is completely absent. This has become very sweet. This would go more steeps but I have run out of time this day.

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