Friday, January 4, 2013

Nature’s Tea Leaf, Chocolate Mint Whisper White Tea

Nature’s Tea Leaf Description:
Chocolate Mint Whisper White Tea is an exclusive blend of a select White Peony tea with pure peppermint leaves and rich Belgian chocolate. The whole leaf tea is evenly mixed with fresh cut mint leaves that are dried naturally to preserve their flavor. Belgian semisweet and white chocolate curls are expertly combined to provide the drinker with a tea that is decadent in aroma but with a flavor that is fresh and minty with hints of rich and velvety chocolate.

Price: $8.00/2oz

This is the second of three samples I received from Nature’s Tea Leaf for review.

My Review:
The first thing you notice with this one are the curls of white chocolate. Looking closer you also notice the dark chocolate curls. The leaf scent is mildly chocolate and minty. I have high hopes for this tea.

I used almost two scoops of leaf for 12oz. that is nearly double what I normally use but this is white tea and the chocolate takes up a lot of real estate in the bag. The water was lightly steaming. I steeped for about 4 minutes. The resulting brew is light and cloudy. Actually, it looks muddy. I expected this since it is a chocolate tea. The chocolate has all melted leaving only the leaf and a white film in the press.

At the front of the sip is the white tea. While the brain is trying to determine how it tastes the chocolate splashes over it. This is hard to describe as the white tea is obvious but under the chocolate. While the flavor is light, it is not shy. Chocolate is the main flavor in the cup. I cannot separate the two types in the sip. The chocolate washes into a milky treat as the mint rises and claims the aftertaste.

This is not an in your face decadent chocolate tea. The name whisper fits it perfectly. It is like a whisper in a quiet moment. Soothing. Relaxing. I often read reviews of chocolate teas where the writer says, “I just wish it had more chocolate.” My feeling is, with this one, it would be a distraction. It is perfect as is. Disclaimer: I did add sweetener to bring a little more life to all the flavors, but I would have done that anyway.

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