Monday, January 14, 2013

Twinings, Winter Spice

Twinings Description:
Warm up with this expertly blended natural camomile herbal tea reminiscent of a hot cup of spiced cider. The crisp flavour of apple is complemented by the sweet character of cinnamon and aromatic cardamom and clove.

Camomile, Natural Apple Flavour with Other Natural Flavours, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Clove

My Review:
Continuing my search for a late evening sip to relax with before bed, I was happy to find this one waiting for me in the mail. I had not previously seen it in the stores. It is a bagged chamomile tea. I was a bit apprehensive about trying it because I am not the biggest fan of apple flavoring. On the other hand chamomile tastes a little like apple so it might work.

When I opened the envelope the sweet scent of apple and spice was obvious and pleasant. I boiled the water and poured over the bag. The steep time was not very scientific. When the water looked sufficiently golden with a green tint, I removed the bag. It was perhaps 3-4 minutes.

I greatly enjoyed sipping this tisane (herbal tea). It tasted like Twinings description of hot spiced cider though a more subtle version. I could not single out the chamomile and I am not sure what cardamom tastes like. The clove was very light and comes late in the sip. The apple is sweet subtle and natural tasting. My favorite part of the sip came from the cinnamon. It tasted like the powdered cinnamon that came in the little metal spice tins my mom used in the kitchen. I had to be careful when I sprinkled it on toast or it made me sneeze. This tea did not make me sneeze but the memory made me smile.

Personally I would drink this often in the evening. It is not a bold flavored cup but it has some layers to the taste and best of all it brings happy memories to mind. Thank you Twinings.

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