Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Two Leaves, Organic Mountain High Chai

Two Leaves Description:
In India, tea is served spiced, sold on the street by the Chai-Wallah, the chai guy. Our Mountain High Chai is like a trip to India in a cup. We'll leave it up to you to decide if you'd like to sweeten up your cuppa' chai with some sugar or smooth it out with milk.

Black Ceylon tea*, cinnamon*, cardamom*, clove buds*, orange peel*, flavoring (*organic)

Price:$7.95 for 15 sachets. Steep twice for $0.26 per cup.

Part of the Complete Sampler Pack provided by Two Leaves Tea Company

My Review:
Chai is something I just never crave. I have not tried that many different ones over the years and I haven't felt I was missing anything. Yeah, that's really a rousing enthusiastic introduction for this tea. I used boiling water and about a four minute steep in my 12oz mug. I then added sweetener. This smells kind of nice.

The taste is lighter than expected. My previous experience is with tea bag chai. Generally I find them to be very overdone and unbalanced. This is a pleasant surprise. I don't know that this tastes like what is normally considered as chai. This is lightly orange with clove being the strongest flavor. It reminds me of a more refined version of Constant Comment with an added peppery element. I am not sure where that comes from as pepper is not a listed ingredient.

Overall I am pleasantly surprised. The addition of orange peel makes this much more appealing to my palate.

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