Sunday, October 18, 2015

Good Earth, Citrus Kiss

Good Earth Description:
You don’t have to kiss a lot of green frogs to get the lift you’re looking for. Citrus Kiss™ brings lemongrass and citrus flavors together to brighten up top notch green tea for an amazingly good taste invigoration. Kiss your new go-to green tea hello!

Green tea, lemongrass, natural lemongrass flavor with other natural flavors, rose petals, chamomile, citric acid, sweet blackberry leaf, lemon myrtle, steviol glycosides (stevia), natural flavor.

Sample provided by Good Earth

My Review:
I have had a lot of fun with these Good Earth teas so far. From what I have observed on other review sites, the lowly tea bag gets almost no respect. The fact is the vast majority of all tea consumed in the west is brewed from a tea bag. Someone needs to be willing to try them and give an honest appraisal based on what they are. I am not going to dis them simply because they come in a paper bag containing very fine cut pieces of leaf.

That said, I have looked at reviews of this tea around the internet, including Amazon. Wow, most have not been kind. The biggest complaint is the addition of stevia - a natural sweetener. Most reviews state it should be up to the consumer to decide if a tea needs sweetener. Personally, I disagree. As long as it is clearly included in the list of ingredients, the manufacturer is free to add or not add sweetener. Likewise, the buying public is free to buy or reject however they please. That's how a free market works people. Sorry, got off on a rabbit trail.

So with this tea, I used water heated to 190 F and steeped the bag for 3 minutes. The color is a golden yellow/orange. It is clear and shiny. The scent throws me off track for a moment. The combination of ingredients reminds me of the dish washing liquid we use. Red Alert! Red Alert! goes off in my head, but hey, I drink pu-erh and it usually smells like a horse barn, yet I still enjoy it. How bad can this be?

Another rabbit trail - the quote on the tag is from Frank Zappa. It reads, "I never set out to be weird. It was other people who called me weird." That fits perfectly with many of the reviews of this tea I have read.

Big boy pants on. I taste. I'm confused. Why do people hate this again? Yes, the stevia adds a little sweet kick at the end. It is not that big of a kick and it certainly isn't overly sweet. The taste of the tea is actually kind of light and airy. First I taste the combination of lemongrass and lemon myrtle. It achieves a very nice balance. Then I catch a brief brush of rose. It isn't perfume or gross. It is actually quite pleasant. Late in the sip I notice the chamomile and blackberry leaves. Possibly along with the citric acid, they add just a slight tartness before the stevia kick finishes it off.

I should add, stevia does leave a slightly bitter aftertaste that reminds me of saccharin. So I get why people don't like that taste. I don't find it that distasteful here - it kind of fits. I did not feel the need to have a snack with the tea to cover the stevia.

I honestly don't understand the bad reviews. I found this to be light and refreshing. I would definitely drink this again. If, it did not have stevia, I would give it a hit of sweetener. I don't think my Splenda would give it the kick. Instead it would be just evenly sweet. I think Good Earth made the right call. Feel free to disagree.

You can probably find Good Earth Citrus Kiss at your local Walmart or Kroger store. You can also order online directly from Good Earth

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