Monday, October 26, 2015

Red Leaf Tea, French Vanilla Matcha

Red Leaf Tea Description:
When anyone wants to partake of a snack that is deliciously sweet, perfectly healthy and unique in flavor, French Vanilla Matcha becomes an obvious choice. This is because, unlike Madagascar Vanilla Matcha, it has a creamier look and texture and is very smooth on any palate. This makes it a delightful treat for growing families with young children who need to get accustomed to enjoying sweet healthy treats as often as they require. It is also an excellent accompaniment for any adult who wants to revisit their younger days without the calorie overload. For senior citizens it the best choice for an enjoyable palate alternative that is very smooth and easy to partake. French Vanilla Matcha with its very inviting color, combines the best of both worlds because, it uses the exceptional Eastern Matcha tradition with the top notch European practices for delectable daily treats. This makes this unforgettable snack an absolute favorite for anytime of the day or night when both adults and children need to kick back and relax while they treat their taste buds to a unique creamy Matcha that goes down so smoothly that one serving is never enough. This special Matcha treat can also hold its own among many edible alternatives in any social setting. Its ultra-smooth texture and bright coloring make it a favorite for many children parties and other adult gatherings, where people want to venture away from the traditional and experience the exceptional together with their friends and loved ones. French Vanilla Matcha becomes the perfect incentive to bring many people together.

My Review:
I already had my morning cold matcha latte. Lunchtime snuck up on me before I realized (I looked it up - snuck has become an acceptable usage of past tense sneak, at least in the US and Canada). Nothing sounded good, so I finally fixed a small bowl of white rice. Afterward, I started craving another latte. Red Leaf Tea French Vanilla Matcha to the rescue.

Once the sample pack was opened, the air was filled with sweetness like icing. Removing a spoon of powder, this is a yellowish spring green. Mine is the regular basic grade matcha.

I used a half mug of cold 2% milk and my frother to blend it together. The mug was nearly full of froth. When I make my morning latte, I use a 16 ounce tumbler. When a tea froths as well as the French Vanilla, I can put the straw in the tumbler and it will stand straight up. I tried this in the mug, but it is not tall enough so the straw fell over. It is so thick that I fully expected it to work.

Filled the mug the rest of the way with milk. Man, this smells good. It is kind of a clay color. That is typical of a cold milk latte made with basic matcha.

This tastes a lot like iced white cake. Like a big slice of cake was thrown into the blender with some milk. Yes, it is near heaven. Oh wait, except for the milk there is pretty much no calories, as this is simply pure matcha powder from green leaves and French vanilla natural flavor, so maybe it is heaven. Well, at least heavenly.

There is some spicy note present that reminds me of Christmas. I have read no other reviews making that statement, so this is obviously a memory connection for me. I'll take it.

This is smooth creamy, sweet, and obviously vanilla without going over the top in any way. I am pretty sure this will satisfy just about any normal sweet tooth. For those of us that want our dessert even more decadent, it will take additional sweetening in stride.

I highly recommend trying this one.

You can find Red Leaf Tea French Vanilla here.

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