Saturday, October 17, 2015

Red Leaf Tea, Banana Matcha

Red Leaf Tea Description:
The well loved banana is grown in many types found in most tropical climates. The banana fruit is vanilla colored and in its powder forms gives it the sweet enriching taste that bananas are well respected for. Adding Matcha to banana powder can give it an interesting twist and a flavor that is sweet light and out of this world.

Banana Matcha makes a truly nutritious drink with its lingering deep taste and imperceptible smell. This special beverage can be taken as both a hot or cold drink depending on the occasion. It can also be taken as an aperitif or with food at meal times. Furthermore, Banana Matcha provides its delighted drinkers with health benefits that linger as long as the drink is taken.

Pure Matcha powder from green leaves, Banana Natural Flavor

My Review:
OK, I know I am bound to make a comment somewhere before this review is complete, so let's just get it out of the way. I am pretty sure I can never type or say banana again without seeing those little yellow Minions. Ba-na-naaaaaa! There got it out of my system.

Got this one from Red Leaf Tea because I happen to love bananas. Then as I grabbed it today, I began to be concerned. The ingredients don't say what Banana Natural Flavor is. In the case of the strawberry it was mentioned in the details that they used freeze-dried fruit. I don't know if that is what they did here.

Then my worry was, even if they used real fruit, at what level of ripeness were they? Many people want them far too green for me. I want them just beginning to get brown spots on the peel. They are far sweeter and easier on the system at this point. The taste is completely different between the two.

The powder is nicely green for basic level matcha. It smells very strongly of banana. I used one tsp in a mug with 8 ounces of milk. I frothed it at 4 ounces then added the rest of the milk. It foamed nicely but did not hold the foam long.

My first taste just seems weird. Sorry Red Leaf Tea, I have to be honest. It tastes banana-ish but has another note that reminds me of light rose water. I guess it is a clash between the banana, the matcha, and the milk. I don't dislike it so much as I find it weird.

Next I added a little sweetener. That almost entirely removes the rose element. Now what I am getting is like a banana marshmallow candy flavor. It is not too sweet but it is sweet. Much better.

My thinking, and I hope to try this later, is too add a big plop of ice cream to the mug, maybe even a drizzle of chocolate or caramel - maybe both. Yeah, that kind of defeats the idea of having a low calorie treat, but I consider such occasions as soul food. You know, things you eat or drink simply for the total joy of being alive. Continually denying yourself such pleasures should be a crime. Seize the moment and grab the ice cream!

You can find Red Leaf Tea Banana Matcha here.

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