Saturday, May 31, 2014

Enjoying Tea, Lemon Ginger Black

Enjoying Tea Description:
This tea is made from top grade orange pekoe Ceylon with natural lemon and ginger flavoring. The Ceylon tea is grown at the altitude of 7000 feet above sea level from the Sri Lanka region. When brewed this tea produces a bright coppery color liquid with a fruity spicy flavor and with touches of mild astringency. A fantastic fruit tea.

Price: $5.99/4 oz

My Review:
I received a one ounce sample of this tea when I bought a teapot recently. The tin is a cute little fellow. When I removed a scoop of leaf I was surprised that it was barely missed in the tin. An ounce of tea is really quite a lot.

I really wasn't sure what to expect based on the price. As you can see the leaf is actually very nice looking. I am assuming the square chunks are pieces of lemon. There is also yellow safflower petals to add a pretty touch. This actually smells a little like bergamot while dry.

I used just off boiling water (209 F) in my press for 3 minutes. The resulting liquor is as described -a bright coppery color. It is a very deep color. The aroma of the cup is really interesting. The lemon, ginger, and Ceylon, combine to produce an almost tieguanyin oolong scent with fruity lemon notes. It really does smell nice.

The sip has a little bite but it is Ceylon and ginger so it is expected. It is also a bit astringent, not that I mind that. Probably two and a half minute steep would be a little more civilized for those who prefer a milder cup. The lemon is not overpowering. I find it to be present more in the aftertaste. The ginger I am sensing up front and in the cheek tingle. Both flavors are well represented throughout the sip but it is the Ceylon that is most prominent.

I am surprised by this cup. For such an inexpensive tea it is much better than expected. The leaf of the Ceylon is not the typical CTC tiny pieces found in grocery store loose leaf and yet it is comparably priced. It has some real and interesting depth.

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