Monday, May 26, 2014

Kally Tea, Rooibos Cola Chai

Kally Tea Description:
Okay all you cola lovers out there; this is what you have been looking for. A great healthy alternative to carbonated cola drinks. This chai starts off with a Rooibos base, then we mix ginger root, cinnamon, green cardamom and a hint of vanilla flavor. Excellent either brewed with water alone or in the traditional Chai method. What a divine substitute.

Rooibos, Ginger Root, Cinnamon, Green Cardamom, and Cinnamon, Ginger and Vanilla Flavor.

My Review:
Up front I am not the biggest chai fan and while I like rooibos, it is never something I think to brew. That said this one just sounds interesting. Cola? I have never had a cola tea before. Looking at the ingredients, nothing says cola to me. We shall see. Also rooibos chai? Having just said I seldom crave either, the combination might, MIGHT, just convince me.

Removing a scoop for pictures and an initial exam, you can see some seeds and leaves in the mix. The aroma is sweet chai. I do not notice the traditional rooibos scent in the dry blend.

I used a Finum basket and boiling water in my mug for a 5 minute steep. The result is a bright but intensely dark burgundy liquor.  In the mug it does have a rooibos aroma mixed with the chai spices. It smells sweet and inviting. A good sign.

In the sip I get sweet spicy chai. It is not overly sweet or spicy. Pronounced but pleasantly behaved. I hope the two descriptions make sense together. None of the individual spices really stand out. Maybe the cinnamon is most present but really it melts together really well.

After the initial spice, I next taste rooibos. It is easy to pick out because it is so different from normal tea flavored drinks. Again, like the spice it is obvious but restrained. I think even rooibos haters might be able to sip this without making that face. Yeah, you haters know the one I mean.

After the rooibos I catch notes that remind me of a flat cola but I suspect if I had not been told this is cola I might not make that connection. As the cup cools the spices swell in flavor some and I can catch the ginger in the aftertaste. I never really catch the vanilla. I imagine the vanilla knocks the rough scratchy edges off the rooibos. If that is why the vanilla is so well behaved then bring on the vanilla.

My wife, who is the tisane drinker in the house, took a sip and made a Mmmmm face, then added, "Interesting." I think that is a great one word description. I enjoyed this mug and it was chai and rooibos. I looked on the website and it is listed at $3.98 for two ounces. A fair price for a cup of interesting.

Visit the Kally Tea Store.

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