Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Primula Tea, London Fog

Primula London Fog Tea Includes:
Green Tea , Tropaeolum , Aristolochia debilis Si , Jasmine

My Review:
Today's review is a blooming tea from Primula. Each bloom comes individually sealed. The pod is solid and fair sized, though certainly not the largest flowering tea I have seen.

I placed the pod in my new glass teapot that I bought especially for display teas - to be reviewed later. Filtered just off boiling water was added and then I watched and waited.

About three minutes later the pod had opened allowing the pretty bloom inside to be revealed. This is not a spectacular or overly colorful display, but it is pretty. It filled up my teapot nicely.

The bloom is a creamy yellow tropaeolum otherwise known as nasturtium. The tea brewed to a very light green. It is nearly clear in the teapot but turns much darker in the cup as it cools.

The scent is faint floral jasmine. The taste is likewise a light jasmine. The flower itself may add some background notes but I cannot single it out. The green tea that is gathered around the outside of the bloom is also quite light but pleasant. 

This to my tastes is one of the more delightful of the Primula teas. There is nothing really outstanding about it but then again there is nothing off tasting either. I know that doesn't come off as a rousing endorsement, so let me say my wife and both finished our cup and enjoyed it.

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