Monday, May 19, 2014

Tea Of Life, Darjeeling

My Review:
I could not find this company on the internet. I am not sure if they don't have a site, I couldn't find it, or they have gone out of business. A few of these bags came my way in a tea swap.

This is a bagged tea with string and tag but is staple free. I heated water to 180 F as the instructions call for between 176 and 194 F. The recommended steep time is 5 minutes but I was warned that was too long so I cut it to around 3 minutes.

The brew is kind of a cloudy orange/brown. It has a leafy and fruity darjeeling nose. I took a sip without additions expecting bitterness. What I got was a lifeless nothing much to speak of cup. If you normally add nothing to your black tea you might have a different impression.

I added a packet of Splenda and that brought some flavor out in it. Now what I am getting is woodsy flavor with cinnamon notes and a slight bit of floral muscatel late in the sip. I am also getting a good deal of side tongue tingle. It kind of causes one to make a slight prune face pucker.

This is not horrible and it does have a little depth for a bagged tea. My main thought is you can do a lot better. A bagged tea I would highly recommend as an alternative is Mother Parker's Darjeeling. I found that one to be a delightful bagged tea. This one probably could use milk, I just don't drink black teas that way.

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