Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Persimmon Tree, White Peach

The Persimmon Tree Description:
Our White Peach loose-leaf tea is perfect for any occasion. These organic white tea leaves infused with flavors of fresh-picked peaches brew a delightful cup that can be enjoyed both hot or iced.

Ingredients as listed on website:
Organic White Tea, Organic Marigolds, Natural Flavors

According to product label:
A refreshing blend of fresh-picked peaches, fragrant osmanthus blossoms, and organic white peony (Bai Mu Dan)

Sample provided by The Persimmon Tree

My Review:
We just came out of one of the coldest winters on record in our area. It seemed so long like it would never end. But warm weather did finally arrive along with high humidity. We thought we had moved straight into summer. Then the rains came and the temperatures dropped like a rock. Its the middle of May and my wife has the furnace running. I am undaunted. It's the middle of May. It's time for warm weather drinks.

Today its White Peach from The Persimmon Tree. I am a sucker for peach teas. It started with a Stash Teabag and progressed from there. The peachiest tea I have experienced was from Tea Temptations. It is an extreme peach where you can almost taste the fuzz. Let's see where this one fits in.

The white peony leaf is large broken pieces and the white hairs are visible on the leaf. There are also yellow flower petals. I am guessing that is the marigolds listed in the ingredients, though it is possible it is osmanthus blossoms as mentioned on the label. Osmanthus traditionally has a peach or apricot type flavor so it would make sense in this blend.

I used a healthy scoop about twice in volume of what I normally use for black tea as the leaf is large and fluffy. The water was heated to 180 F per instructions and steeped for three minutes. The result is a beautiful deep golden brew with a lovely but light peach scent.

When tasting this is light in flavor. That doesn't surprise me. Most flavored white teas done well lean towards the light end so as to not totally dominate the white peony. Though light the flavor is clean. Before I could enjoy the entire cup I had to leave the house. Normally I would brew another cup to finish my review. Here I did not.

When I arrived back at my home I picked up the cup, just to see. It was cold. It was delicious. Once the heat left the cup the peach flavor jump up and began to shout. While I found this very relaxing hot, cold it is liquid thirst quenching refreshment. This is exactly what I was looking for on this rainy cold day, while the furnace is running, and I am dreaming of warm summer days. Just add ice.

You can find White Peach here.    

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