Friday, May 2, 2014

Ocean Of Tea, Earl Grey Premium

Ocean Of Tea Description:
Perhaps the most famous blend of black tea in the western world, Earl Grey Tea remains a cherished favorite. This is our favorite of the Earl Greys. Made from the finest black tea blended with just the right amount of oil of bergamot, this show-stopper will renew your love of Earl Grey and have you craving a second cup. 

Wonderfully smooth, slightly tangy and extremely well balanced. The aroma is amazing and you will love the smell of a freshly opened bag!

Sample provided by Ocean of Tea.

My Review:
This is a new tea provider to me. When I opened the envelope the samples arrived in, I could smell faint traces of glorious bergamot. I didn't have time to sit and enjoy a cup just then and had to put the samples on the shelf. This one sat there taunting me until now.

The love the simplicity of the sample label: Company name, tea name, brief description, and three graphics giving brewing instructions. The printing is large enough for older blurry eyes to read it easily first thing in the morning. The sample pouch is flat black and resealable.

Opening the bag and removing a spoon of leaf, the BOP appears much darker than the picture suggests. The aroma is fresh clean citrus. It is very lemony. Times a wasting, let's brew some tea.

I used my press as normal, and filtered boiling water. The steep was 3 minutes. Ocean of Tea says 4 but I always err on the side of caution with my first tasting of a black tea base. The liquor is standard orangey/red and the wet leaf is cinnamon colored and highly fragrant. I could sniff bergamot all day.

OK, this could have withstood a 4 minute steep. I would probably use 3 again anyway. Based on the dry and wet leaf aroma, I was prepared for a blast of citrus. That is not what is in the cup. This is smooth and balanced. There is a moment with each sip when the astringency tickles the sides of the tongue. This gives way to a velvety mid sip with a touch of dryness. Late sip the lemony bergamot flavor moves in without totally dominating, causing the mouth to water. The aftertaste has traces similar to cinnamon notes.

The base tea is ever present but hard to single out. It is not abrasive and rough like many of my Ceylon based Earl Grey's. Neither is it flat and two dimensional like Twinings. I like Twinings but do find it lacks presence. This Earl Grey Premium from Ocean of Tea has depth with no rough edges from the base.

This is a smooth well balanced Earl Grey. There is enough bite to be pleasing. The bergamot is wonderfully lemony without being overwhelming, or worse, wimpy. I believe an Earl Grey junkie, such as myself, would find this to be a very satisfying cup to start the day. I love the smell of bergamot in the morning.

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  1. Thanks for reviewing our Tea! We are so happy that you enjoyed our Earl Grey. We have been getting some great feedback on how smooth the Earl Grey is. - Ocean of Tea Team