Friday, May 16, 2014

Grandmother's Teapot

Today is another post on my growing teapot assortment. Recently I shared the story of my mother's teapot collection. Thanks to my wife informing mom of my interest in the teapots, she asked if I wanted some of them. I asked for the one's that had a story. I wanted the one's that meant something to her. The first was a gift to mom from dad on their honeymoon. I covered this in my precious memories post.

The teapot, serving tray, sugar bowl, and creamer in the picture above, was the second mom took out of the china cabinet.  The creamer and sugar bowl appear to me to be different than the teapot. I am not sure they were intended to be a set. Whether originally a set or not these pieces have been together since 1956.

My mom's parents were married in 1906. In 1956 they celebrated their 50th anniversary. On their golden anniversary, one of the gifts was this golden tea set. Inside the teapot is a napkin with their names and the wedding and anniversary dates. Time has erased the memory of who gave the gift.

Time has also taken all but a few tiny memories I have of my grandparents. They died when I was a young boy. My grandfather I do remember sitting on his front porch at the family home. He sat in a metal chair and chewed tobacco. He would spit over the porch railing. He was really good at it. Gross you say? Yeah, but that was pretty awesome to a young boy. I also remember Grandma in the kitchen with her buttermilk biscuits. She would wipe her hands on her apron then give me one with a heavy portion of 'real cow butter' as I called it.

From the china cabinet, this teaset has comforted my mom with the memories of her parents through the years. Now that it has passed hands into my care, it will serve to help me hold on to and strengthen the few memories I have of them.


  1. how delightful for you! such gifts are rare and wonderful. I hope you enjoy them for many years!