Sunday, May 11, 2014

Precious Memories

For Mother's Day -

Mom has a collection of teapots. I have never seen her use any of them. I really don't recall ever seeing her drink hot tea. In our family, tea is prepared in a metal pot on the stove and iced. Lipton tea, iced, unsweetened, that is all I ever recall seeing growing up. It was served with lunch and dinner. You didn't have to ask, it was just there - always.

I digress. Since becoming a bit tea obsessed, I have admired mom's collection but never said anything, except to my wife. She of course told mom. Mom is in her 80's and at an age where she wants to give people things to make sure they go to those who will most enjoy and treasure them.

Mom asked me if I would like some of her teapots. I said I only want the one's that have a story. I want the teapots that mean something to you. So she looked them over and picked out two. One of them I'll tell you about on another day. The one in this picture was the first she took out of the glass cabinet.

Mom's Teapot and My Mug as Reference

The label on the bottom of the pot says Lefton China 911R-N. As best as I can tell it is a simple common teapot and doesn't have much value in and of itself, however to me it is priceless.

This particular teapot came from the hotel gift shop where mom and dad spent their honeymoon. Dad bought it for her to remember - as if she would forget. The hotel was in the town where they lived. Not having the money to travel, this was the best they could afford at the time. In fact for the time it was pretty extravagant in our community. When the 100 room hotel was built in 1923, it was considered one of the finest in Indiana. They were married in 1950. The hotel was demolished in 1994, but their love for each other and this teapot remain.

All the years I walked past the china cabinet full of tea pots, I never knew why this one was in the collection and how special it was (and is).

Mom, thank you for sharing this part of your's and dad's love story with me.

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