Saturday, March 9, 2013

Barry's Tea, Irish Breakfast

Barry's Original Irish Breakfast Tea is a subtle blend especially for those of you who enjoy living life with laid back moments and good company. It's an uncomplicated tea for all those little moments in the day when you say, "I'd love a cup of tea". Barry's Irish Breakfast has been blended in Ireland since 1901, and is a brisk refreshing flavour you can enjoy any time. Rest assured that no matter what it is called, it will always be a bit softer in taste, but always a great cuppa tea.

My Review:
Like PG Tips, this is a tea I have heard about for years and have just never experienced. Fortunately that is about to change, as I received a couple bags of Barry's Tea in a recent swap.

The bag is stringless and tagless. I boiled my water and steeped for maybe two minutes. It reminded me of a shu puerh at this point - it was almost black with burgundy highlights in my mug. It is possible I only imagined it being this dark and scary because I am still asleep and I have an unexplainable  fear of Irish Breakfast tea.

I am not sure how to describe this tea. The sip starts nice and gentle, polite even. Just as I start to relax in its company, I am grabbed by the throat, terrified of what comes next. Then, just as suddenly, it releases me and walks away with a grin. My eyes are wide open. I am left unscathed with but a memory. Yeah, this tea is like that. It won't hurt you. It just wants you to think it will. This is a bad boy tea.

This is as close to coffee as I care to get. I used sweetener. I think I could have used two. I don't use milk. I think I should. Some people hate subtle. Some people prefer big bold flavor. If you are one of those adrenaline junkie types, this may be your tea.


I'm updating this already and I just posted it mere minutes ago.

While I was typing the cup cooled down to just warm. The the huge frightening late sip has calmed down to the point of being rather pleasant. Not the smoothest tea I've had by any means, but far more civilized. I am enjoying the company of this more respectful cup.

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