Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pickwick, Orange

Pickwick Orange has all the taste of real fruit. Real pieces of orange are added resulting in a delicious, refreshing tea with orange flavor. Enjoy your cup of Pickwick Orange at any moment of the day.

My review:
This is an inexpensive bagged tea. The bags come in individual paper envelopes. I used near boiling water and steeped about 2 minutes. There are no printed directions on the envelope. I imagine most people would use rolling boiled water and a 3-5 minute steep, if they even bother removing the bag. Yeah, you know who you are! (shhh - I use to do it too)

This is stated to contain actual orange peel (1%). The cup smells pleasantly of orange. It isn’t exactly fresh squeezed orange but it is not exactly orange candy either. I did not think this tasted like Tang but another reviewer on Steepster mentioned Tang in their review, so… I prefer to think it reminds me of the smell of Orange Crush.

I like the taste. It is fun. I really can’t say the tea base is memorable or even particularly detectable. I do catch tea in the aftertaste. Not the greatest tea but not the worst. Mostly this is just fruity flavored fun. Sometimes that is just what you're looking for in a tea.

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