Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dilmah, Ceylon Orange Pekoe

Dilmah Description:
Finely balanced richness, flavour, strength & aroma for the perfect tea. Tea perfect for everyday drinking from the central highlands of Sri Lanka, reputed for its brightness & medium strength.

My Review:
It's early morning. I am not awake. I need tea. I stand before the vast array of choices in my collection. Arrgh! Too many choices. I can't think. I just want no fuss tea! What is this Dilmah stuff? Ah, it is a bagged version in a paper envelope - you know tea. Just what I need.

The bag goes in the cup. The water is boiled and poured. Sweetener is added. I let it steep for maybe three minutes while I open a package of Fig Newtons - yeah, breakfast. Removing the bag shows it has plumped quite nicely. The cup is dark and smells fruity and inviting.

The sip is what I would consider medium bodied. It has a full rich flavor with enough bite to make it interesting without being really bitter. Ok, it's a little bitter but that is what I expect from my morning cup. If you use milk, I think this would take it well. It is slightly sweet and fruity in taste with some plant or wood notes. The aftertaste is pure Ceylon and lingers in a pleasant way.

This is a little gentler than a typical English or Irish Breakfast tea, yet has enough kick to get you moving. I find it to be a nice bagged tea that went well with my Newtons.

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