Monday, March 11, 2013

Pickwick, Strawberry

Pickwick Description:
Pickwick Strawberry has all the taste of real fruits. The strawberry pieces added to the tea blend; result in a delicious, refreshing tea with strawberry flavor. Enjoy your cup of Pickwick Strawberry at any moment of the day.

My Review:
This came my way in a tea swap. I have never seen this brand in our local stores but maybe it is a common item in your area. By my search online it seems to be a very affordable tea. The flow through tea bags come individually wrapped in a paper envelope.

Removing the bag and sniffing reveals a light strawberry aroma. I placed the tea in the cup and poured boiling water over it. The steep was about three minutes. The bag did not plump out as much as I expected. The cup scent is pleasantly mild strawberry. The brew is nice and dark.

I have no idea how old this bag is or how it was stored. When I received it I immediately put it in a ziplock baggie to minimize damage beyond what it may have already incurred. It is possible a fresh box is much more robust.

Now that I have you expecting to hear how flat this tastes - it is actually quite pleasant. The strawberry tastes very natural though it is fairly light. I can even taste the black tea late in the sip and in the aftertaste. If you can find this and it is cheap, pick up a box or three. This is a very likeable cup.

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  1. It must be a grocery line not in my area, either. I've never heard of it. Glad you got a cheerful cup!