Friday, March 15, 2013

PG Tips, Pyramid Bags

PG Tips Description:
The eighth wonder of the world! Pyramid bags give the tea leaves room to breathe so you can get even more out of the great PG tips flavor.
PG Tips has been the best known and most popular brand of tea in the UK for over 75 years. Stronger than most Indian and African teas, PG Tips has a similar taste to English Breakfast Tea.

My Review:
I remember a few years ago as my desire to try every tea on the planet began in earnest. As I began to research there were two teas I thought I had to try. One was Yorkshire Gold. The other was the top selling tea in the UK - PG Tips. The Yorkshire Gold I managed to enjoy early on. I am just now getting my first taste of PG Tips.

This one came to me in a tea swap. It is a tagless, stringless, paper pyramid bag. The tea scent is pleasant and very tea like. I boiled my water and steeped for only a couple minutes. When I spooned the bag out of the water I was pretty amazed by how much the leaf had plumped up within the bag.

Let me say, this is a stout cup of tea. I believe it is customary to drink this with milk and sugar. I can see why. I used sweetener to try am tame the cup but not milk. This is not dainty pinky in the air tea. This is a hearty mug to be taken with a grunt.

The pucker factor is plenty high with this one. The inside of my cheeks are still tingling. It is bitter in a good way. The aftertaste is as strong as the cup. This is not the delicate cup I normally drink. In my mind this is what English Breakfast is supposed to taste like.

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