Sunday, March 3, 2013

TeaVivre, Huang Shan Mao Feng

TeaVivre Description:
Carefully picked and processed to deliver a sweet tea with no bitterness, HuangShan MaoFeng – like our Long Jing green tea – always makes it near the top of the list of China's top ten teas.  TeaVivre's authentic, grade 1, HuangShan MaoFeng is grown near the peak of HuangShan mountain in Anhui province.

Sample provided for review

My Review:
This is another sample I specifically requested to review. I wanted to try this one to see if I am not a big fan of Huang Shan Mao Feng or if I just wasn’t deeply moved by brand X’s version.

I opened the sample packet and sniffed. The scent is fresh and green. As I begin to remove the leaf it seems to expand.  The leaf looks very much like the picture. TeaVivre calls it a ‘golden yellow combination of plump buds with one attached leaf”. I agree, except to me it is green/yellow in color.

I used half the sample in my press with way below boiling water. I steeped for 1 1/2 minutes. The resulting liquor is nearly clear as I expected from previous experience. In the mug it develops a light greenish tint as it cools. The wet leaf reminds me of stewed beef. Call me crazy, but Chinese green tea often makes me think stew.

This is an interesting cup. The sip passes from light green and slightly buttery through a moment of floral notes that are reminiscent of green oolongs. I have never noticed this in a green before. Late sip is resolves into a very nice solid green vegetal flavor. There is no bitterness. No astringency.

This is nothing like the previous version I had tried. I actually find this one easy to sip. It is smooth and deliciously refreshing. A very nice green tea.

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