Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tropical Tea Company, House Blend

Tropical Tea Co.’s Description:
Tropical Tea Co.’s House Blend is a delicate White tea with hints of tropical coconut and a creme finish. A Spring select white tea hand blended with coconut, pineapple, safflowers, and cornflowers. Delivers a sweet creamy texture with a light body, blossomy high notes of pineapple and a good balance of coconut. Each Tropical Tea Company order helps deliver clean drinking water to a child who lacks it.

My Review:

This sample came my way along with several others via a fellow Steepster user who was attempting to get their tea cabinet under control. Good luck with that!

First off I tried to find this company’s website but it appears it either changed names. Google sent me to Miss Gloria’s Tea House (new owners). I could not find this tea in their collection. But I trudge on for posterity sake.

I could not tell what kind of tea this was supposed to be from the leaf. I thought it looked kind of green but not really. It also looked like maybe it had some rooibos mixed in as well, but it does not. From the picture it is pretty easy to see it is a white tea. Oops. White needs cooler water, which I did not use. It is pretty any way. There are blue, yellow, and red petals mixed in with the leaf.

So I used way hotter water than I should. The brew turned a lot darker than it would have with cooler water, but it did not become bitter. The smell is very tropical. Then I read the ingredient list. Coconut (yum) and pineapple…. eeeewww, I hate pineapple.

Well, I have already brewed this let’s see how horrible it is…. at first it taste’s like an alcoholic beverage. After my taste buds adjusted it is a pleasant drink. The coconut comes first and it is creamy and delightful without being overwhelming. Then I taste the pineapple but surprise, I like it. These two flavors were made for each other.

I really can’t single out the white tea. It seems to be hanging around the edges filling in the empty spaces. That’s ok, as it works. I would never have picked this up myself. I am glad I got to try it and I'm even glad that I did not know what it was before I brewed it.

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