Monday, March 25, 2013

Primula Tea, Earl Grey Nobel Madam

I have had this flowering tea a long time. Sorry to say I am just now getting around to preparing it. Let's see how well it has survived being ignored.

I have had a Primula Earl Grey black tea before and I have a Nobel Madam green tea. This one says Earl Grey black tea and Nobel Madam on the package. Cool.

I opened the envelope and removed the pod. The scent of bergamot is highly present and it is nice. The pod is round and solid. I heated the water to boiling and poured It into the press, then dropped the pod into the water. I steeped this for five minutes. The pod bloomed and looked just like the photo, except imagine it surrounded by the golden brew scented with bergamot.

As I prepared to take my first sip, the power went out. I am writing this on March 24th. It is spring. It is snowing like crazy with near white out conditions. This is supposed to be a 100 year event according to the weather man. At least I have a warm cup of tea while I'm riding the storm out - REO! - sorry 70's flashback.

As I finished my cup the power came back on so I could write my tasting note. Looks like I won't freeze to death tonight - Sweet! This tea is pleasantly earl grey flavored along with floral notes. I am not sure what type flower this is but it is pretty and I like the flavor. Globe amaranth is often used in flowering teas much to my dismay  I don't care for their taste in tea. This however is very drinkable. There is no bitterness and no astringency.

The snow storm quickly drizzled out.  Despite the vicious beginning, we only ended up with a small amount of accumulation. I am not disappointed we did not set a record. Just turned on the morning news and apparently as close as 30 miles north and beyond, they did set records. Sorry guys - fix some tea and stay warm.

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