Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ahmad Darjeeling

Ahmad is a 50 year old English company that I only discovered a couple years ago. While I have tried only a few of their teas, based on just that small sampling I would not be hesitant to try any of their other blends. This is very good tea. Available in loose and bags. A fine black tea grown in northern India at ‘the foothills of the Himalayas’. Also known as the champagne of teas. Ahmad’s blend is my first Darjeeling. It has a very distinct taste that I am really enjoying. This is obviously a black tea but with a bit of an edge. In the cup it is amber and not nearly as dark as Ahmad’s Earl Grey. This is a very enjoyable cup of tea but the brew can become bitter if you steep for too long. The instructions say 3 to 5 minutes steep time. I say stay on the low end of the limit and go longer only after tasting. Whereas Ahmad’s No. 1 tea is simply smooth goodness, this blend has a bit more attitude, refined though it may be, that I found interesting. Definitely recommended.

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