Monday, November 7, 2011

Bigelow Earl Grey

Bigelow Earl Grey is the tea that started my lifelong passion, or addiction whichever the case, for Earl Grey. I used the regular and decaf versions of this black tea in bag form nearly everyday for years. It used to come in a heavy cardboard container with a metal top and bottom. The lid was oval-shaped metal that you had to pry open. Now it comes in an ordinary cardboard box but the bags are individually sealed in foil envelopes. Oh well, time moves on. I haven’t bought it in a few years so I am not sure if they are still using actual bergamot in the blend or if they have switched to flavoring like most companies. The original blend still ranks in my memory as a favorite bagged black teas.

This tea is also responsible for my discovering the bigger world of tea including loose leaf. How did it do that? Well strange as it sounds, it was because I was drinking so much of it, and brewing it incorrectly by the way, that I developed a bad case of acid reflux. Rather than give up tea, I decided to try other types. This led to green tea, which led to loose leaf. None of this journey would most likely have happened if not for my addiction to Bigelow Earl Grey.

I recently found an old box in the back of the cupboard. Even way past the expiration date it tasted so very good. Hello old friend!

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  1. Looks like tea is your first love. A friend of mine is also a tea addict i will suggest her to try bigelow ear grey tea, i hope she'll also like the taste. Thanks for the share though!