Monday, November 14, 2011

Hedleys Peach Apricot

Contains Ceylon tea with flavoring. I have never seen this brand in the store. My son got it in a gift basket. There were ten bags in paper envelopes all wrapped in cellophane. Upon opening, the envelope had no distinct smell. The bag seemed on the smallish side but the tea dust did expand quite nicely when brewed. The brew itself is dark and typical in appearance of other Ceylon black teas. The aroma was lightly flowery and pretty. I added a packet of sweetener and tasted. Immediately tasted peach, then the apricot. Even using my 10oz mug this seemed strong enough to my tastes. It was very sweet. I should have used less sweetener. This appears to be an inexpensive tea and I must admit, I rather enjoyed it.


  1. I adore this tea, but have had difficulty finding it lately. If you come by an online source, please post it as I would love to have this again.

    1. I did a quick search and I could not locate this tea either. Consider it an opportunity to discover a new favorite.