Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stash Christmas Morning

I am updating my review of this tea which was a favorite from last year. First my early review - This was given to me at work in bag form. I normally shy away from Stash black teas. I generally find them too weak. This was not even close to what I expected. I thought it would mint or something. When I read the label it started sounding interesting, Ceylon, Assam, Keenum, then I read Jasmine and I flinched. I don’t like Jasmine tea, well, until now. It adds a slight pleasant aroma but is so subtle in the sipping that I found myself really liking it. The blend of black teas comes alive with a little sweetener. Really impressed with this one. This is my second Keemun blend and I am already a fan.

Now my updated thoughts - I still have no idea why this is called Christmas Morning. After all the amazing loose leaf teas I have had since late summer, this one doesn’t impress me as much as it did last year, but it is still good. If I were served this in a restaurant I would be very pleased. A good basic Assam with enough bite to make you notice, while the Ceylon keeps it under control. The Keemun is in the aroma and in the aftertaste. I don’t know what a Sumatra tastes like on its own and I don’t catch a glimpse of anything I don’t recognize in this. The Jasmine is so subtle I probably wouldn’t pick up on it had I not read the label. I do catch floral hints in the aroma but not in the cup.

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