Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bigelow Constant Comment

I thought for my first review I should start at the beginning of my tea journey.

Originally blended at her kitchen table this is the tea that launched Ruth Bigelow’s tea empire. Founded in 1945 by Ruth Campbell Bigelow, R.C. Bigelow, Inc. is based in Fairfield, CT. Bigelow tea is readily available in almost every super market and super center in America.

This is also the tea that started my passion for tea beyond the Lipton iced tea my family consumes (the Earl Grey addiction came later). This is a black tea with orange peel and spices - mainly clove. If you are just starting out looking for teas or if this is one you just missed, I highly recommend you try this legend for yourself.

*Update- I recently purchased a new box of both Bigelow Constant Comment and Earl Grey. The first of either I had bought in a while. I was sadly disappointed as the brew was very weak and bland compared to my memories of it. In large part the problem was the oversized 12 oz Starbuck's cup I have been using recently. The bigger issue for you to consider is Bigelow has repackaged their teas to contain only 1.65g per bag instead of the 2g bags I remembered. To get the same taste I used to get in an 8oz cup it is now necessary to cut the cup size down to just 6.6oz. Will this hurt Bigelow sales? Stash has used the smaller bag size for years so probably not but I will now find it a little harder to recommend Bigelow tea.

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