Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ahmad Earl Grey Green

I first tried this in bagged form when Twinings stopped selling their version of this tea in the U.S. a couple years ago (Twinings version seems to come and go). I was instantly hooked. I have also bought it in loose-leaf form which is much more economical. This used to be my favorite everyday cup. The green tea is very good. The dry leaves are about the size of a pine needle. After brewing, they swell and unfurl into very large pieces. The bergamot flavoring is just the right amount to give the tea a wonderful aroma and a taste that draws you in and begs you to relax. Not every one likes green tea. I believe it is because they have never tasted a good cup of green tea. Try this a few times and I am pretty sure you will agree that when you go back to black tea it tastes bland and flat in comparison. You may not find this brand at your grocer. You can probably find it at an international food market. It is also available online. Amazon is where I buy it.

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