Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ahmad Lemon Green Tea

Contains green tea and lemon flavor. I have only seen this in bagged form. Normally when I tear open the foil envelope of a flavored tea I immediately notice the aroma. That is not the case here as I notice only the grassy hint of green tea. Brewing results in a pail green/caramel colored liquor. The aroma of the brew is only slightly lemon scented. First sip brings to mind hard lemon candy. It is not quite the taste of fresh squeezed lemon and it is not the subtle lemongrass influenced flavor of Stash Lemon & White. This is bold and bright with a bit of green tea after taste. I can’t quite make up my mind about this tea. On the one hand it isn’t exactly natural lemon tasting, on the other I keep brewing another cup. You may not find this brand at your grocer. You can probably find it at an international food market. It is also available online. Amazon is where I buy it.

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