Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ahmad Jasmine Green Tea

First admission, I did not realize the box was past the expiration date when I bought it. Always check the label before walking to the check out counter. Second admission, I have tried to like jasmine tea. I know it is a popular blend. I just can’t learn to enjoy it. Personally, it reminds me of fish oil and the smell and taste of jasmine are usually really overdone. I guess it’s just me as others don’t share my complaints. Tried this tea in bagged form. I have not seen this in loose leaf. It is a Chinese green tea with jasmine buds. Removing the bag from the foil envelope I notice a green tea aroma – smells a little grassy for a Chinese tea – and the very faint scent of jasmine.

First cup, I used too hot of water and steeped too long. It was very bitter. Second cup (new bag) I used much cooler water and steeped 2 minutes. The jasmine smell is quite mild. Upon sipping the jasmine does not overly dominate. As the flowery taste fades the green tea becomes more noticeable. It is a mellow cup that only improves as it gets cooler. I still much prefer lotus but I have at least found a jasmine I can tolerate. For fun I made a second cup from the same bag. I poured boiling water over the cool water soaked bag and steeped for 5 minutes. I actually preferred the second cup. The tea and jasmine flavors were almost too light and weak, but that odd oily flavor I don’t like with jasmine tea was gone. Maybe if I steep the first cup for only 90 seconds both cups would be enjoyable? Ooh another experiment to try... You may not find this brand at your grocer. You can probably find it at an international food market. It is also available online. Amazon is where I buy it.

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  1. According to you the taste of Jasmine Green tea depends on you as you will cunsume it similarly its taste will change.