Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ahmad Earl Grey

I have a weakness for Earl Grey tea. It began years ago and shows no sign of easing up any time soon. I have tried this bergamot-flavored tea in bag form but it is also available in loose leaf. The Ceylon black tea taste comes through very well, as the bergamot does not overpower it. Twinings Earl Grey is a little heavier citrus flavored. I prefer this Earl Grey which is a little less pronounced. Ahmad does an excellent job of balancing the bergamot with the tea. The citrus flavor is complex and changes with the temperature of the drink. If you are a fellow Grey junkie, you will really like this tea. You may not find this brand at your grocer. You can probably find it at an international food market. It is also available online. Amazon is where I buy it.

Update - I finally got to try Ahmad’s take on this classic in loose leaf. The bergamot is citrus/orange not flowery. It is the main flavor but does not overpower the smooth Ceylon base. No bitterness. A good solid basic comfort cup. Similar in taste and quality to Twinings but the bergamot is a little less intense and the base a bit tastier.

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