Friday, November 18, 2011

Twinings Earl Grey

I switched to this tea from Bigelow brand because this is a bergamot flavored tea rather than containing the actual oil of bergamot. That might sound strange to some but I made the change on purpose. The Bigelow oil has a more complex taste but it seemed to be harder on my system. Your mileage may vary. Twinings Earl Grey allowed me to continue to indulge. I am pretty sure Twinings recently reformulated this blend, (even if they say they didn't), and increased the bergamot flavoring. I liked the original better but maybe you will enjoy the change (they didn't make). It is still very good - just different. The citrus is brighter, and a little more tart, in the new fomulation. There is 2g of good quality black tea in the bag. Or use the loose leaf for more flavor.

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