Saturday, November 12, 2011

Golden Moon Tea, Coconut Pouchong

Beautiful long green tea leaves (grand pouchong - a very lightly fermented oolong) and essence of coconut. While I like coconut, I was pretty sure it did not belong in tea. Approaching this tea with caution, I was more than pleasantly surprised. The liquor is very light yellow-green, almost clear, in the cup and the aroma is wonderful. The coconut taste was very smooth and creamy with a natural sweetness. I added some sweetner, as this is my custom, and it was almost too sweet. Half a packet would be perfect for my tastes. When brewing, I caution you to avoid a tea ball as the leaves really expand. I got a total of 9 infusions out of the sample packet and could have gotten more I believe. Each cup tasted as good as the first. The closest I have to a negative comment is the flavors blend so perfectly it was a little difficult to separate out the taste of the tea. This loose leaf tea can be found online at It is a bit pricey but really good. Sample provided by Golden Moon Tea.

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